About the Author

A lifelong Omaha resident, author Dick Lerner, CWC, CCC, along with his brother Sheldon have been in the clothing business since they were young boys. Working in the family clothing business run by their father, Joseph, and grandfather, Max, the boys gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that has served them well throughout their careers.

Dick Lerner holds a degree in business from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, and after graduation started working full-time in the family business in 1973. His learning never stopped.

He completed professional programs at Haas Tailoring to become a Certified Custom Clothier and attended the prestigious Haggar Institute at the A. B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in New Orleans. He later completed coursework offered by the Men’s Retail Association to become a Certified Wardrobe Consultant – a program conducted by the Wichita State University School of Business and another at the Philadelphia School of Textiles and Science.

Lerner starting conducting workshops over 33 years ago to assist men and women in choosing their working wardrobes. He has never stopped the teaching process. He works extensively in transitioning military men and women into civilian careers (and into appropriate clothing). He has also conducted workshops for students in high school and universities, and for businesses and organizations. He and his brother are grateful to the many loyal clients (some celebrities too) who have allowed them to help in wardrobe planning.

As Lerner says, “Our premise has always been that nobody is going to open up your garment to see what label you are wearing! The important part is on the outside. What you wear helps define your image and abilities. We always feel as if we are clothing doctors. We need to get enough information about our client’s day-to-day activities to make sure their wardrobe meets their needs.”

They say that fit is about fine tuning and sweating the small details. A wardrobe, done right, makes a powerful statement about someone’s image and appearance.
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